Our Past and Our Present

Venetian Mosaic Art was the basis that founded the expertise of the two original founders of the Ferrari&Bacci, who opened the company in 1949 and Venetian mosaic art was the school that shaped up the knowledge of Aldo Bertellotti and Enzo Bacci, the owners of Ferrari&Bacci, from 1980 to 1994 when Aldo’s son, Manrico and his lovely wife, Silvia, became the new owners, carrying on the family tradition, which now includes also Manrico and Silvia’s young and skillfull daughter, Linda.

It was from the very begining that a distinctive value of the new Ferrari&Bacci, came up with the use of a tecnique known among the experts, as pointillist that mixes the colours in such a refined way to reproduce any shade.



THAT SENSE OF EMPTINESS   In 1990 I joined Ferrari&Bacci and started that wonderful adventure that is my work in the mosaic business. It was a special year when many unique things happened: the two sides of Germany were reunited and Germany... [continue]